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Q & A with Nic Wheeler


I thought we all deserve to know a little more about the amazing Nicholas Wheeler.

Firstly let me tell you a little about Nic.

I first met Nic at the Vampire Academy Movie Meet up back on 22nd March 2014. As he walked in with a face full of a Majestic Beard, my thought was wow I don’t think I like that beard. Little did I know how fast that scruff grew on me. As I walked up to Nic that first time (with the push from my cousin Shelley, Thanks Shelley) I said “Hi. I’m Erin. and he replied…. “I know who you are Erin” I was like OMG lol


So let’s fast forward to February 2015 and The Ruby Circle Launch Party with Penguin Teen Australia and this will be the 3rd time I have caught up with Nic. Again I have to say this Man is just so sweet and kind to his adoring fans. He looked exhausted with all his other jobs he has going on and he still managed to smile and take photos and sign autographs.

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So here are the results of my never ending question asking….

1. Since finishing the Bloodlines book trailers, What is going on with your life now?

Pretty much the same thing I always do.. stay super immersed in all the random projects I have going on.

2. Did you enjoy filming with Daisy Masterman? Are you going to stay in touch?

Yeah loved shooting with daisy hopefully we can do a project together again one day.

3. If you were picked to do a major film role, who would you choose as your fellow cast members and why?

That would totally depend on the film. and if I am the villain or the good guy 😉

4. Which song do you wish that you created and received royalties for?

hahah which ever one has made the most money, maybe something by the beetles or MJ the stuff I make is personal so its hard to say on that level. Love massive attack protection though.

5. When did you realize you had a fan base following you?

When I started getting fan mail.. that was a trip.

6. What is this year’s Halloween theme for your annual event?

Ohhh good one, well that’s actually up for debate we may do a small event this year and save the big theme for next year so not 100 percent yet

7. What, if any, art project are you currently working on? This is asked by Jordanne Fuller.

Building a full sized were wolf suit is one… custom building some vintage lighting rigs and some large scale vine planter boxes

8. I know you like to listen to the Bloodlines audiobooks. What did you think of the voices? Is it weird to hear Adrian’s voice in an English accent? Question by Emily Elliott.

Yeah it actually threw me, did like that actually hahah I wonder what Richelle thought

9. If your life was turned into a movie, who would be casted as you?

James Franco probably lol, not sure it would be that interesting a film

10. What is your favourite food cuisine?

Is ice cream a food cuisine? Ben and Jerrys cookie dough.. the BEST

11. What is your most embarrassing moment to date?

haha when I was pantsed in my college gymnastics course in front of the whole class, naked upside down.. not a great look

12. Where is your favourite place to live and visit?

I live in Australia, I am doing it. Visit is my old home town Stillwater. fun to see everything change and yet be so similar

13. If you could have 1 super power, what would it be?

Does the ability to manipulate time space matter and energy count? or is that 3?

14. Do you have any phobias?

Mild phobia of dark water… mostly sharks

15. Did you ever dislike your birthday being so close to Christmas? Did you still get birthday parties?

Every year I disliked it and very rarely did I ever have a party

Stay tuned for more Q & A with Nic coming soon

Where to find Nic on Social Media

Facebook: nicwheelerfanpage

Youtube Channel:

3 thoughts on “Q & A with Nic Wheeler

  • What I want to know: What is the weirdest question he’s ever been asked? XD Haha! I wonder if it’s Lu’s pineapple question!!

    To be honest I’m surprised the answer to #10 wasn’t chocolate cake and a glass of milk – haha!!


  • Erin says:

    Ha ha ha. True that Pineapple question was weird!!!
    Yum now I want chocolate cake and milk lol

    • He looked so worried when she was asking it! She thought that perhaps he might have been worried it would be something like “will you marry me?” XD Too cute XD

      … me too now … we should catch up some time for cake! 😀 (though I make things difficult being gluten free but whatever XD CAKE!)


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