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Three Words – Lauren Firminger



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Three Words
Pages ~ 196
Published ~ February 14, 2017
Published By ~ Lauren Firminger
Genre ~ New Adult; Romance
Cover Designed by ~ Outlined with Love Designs
I had never really known the full impact words could make until three words changed my life. “I’m being deployed.” They came out of nowhere and turned my world upside down.


I had so many questions for Alex but instead of asking them, three words slipped off my tongue. “We are done.” I loved this man more than anything but his decision to re-enlist broke me. I didn’t have the strength to live out my worst nightmare… Burying the man I love.


He made his decision. Now it was time to live with mine.


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The weeks went by without any incidents. The creepy guy from the beach must have gotten the warning in Alex’s tone when he came around that day and I hadn’t seen him again since. I was thankful about that, although I had called Kaylah and gotten her to look into getting me a dog. I didn’t have to tell her which one I wanted. She knew from growing up with me. As luck would have it, Alex was off the day I got the call about picking up the dog that Kaylah had found from a breeder nearby. Kaylah drove to my house and we all went to meet with him. I was a little nervous about it, but we had Alex should anything go wrong. I don’t know what it was, I just had a bad feeling about this. It all seemed too easy. I tried to shake the feeling off as we drove up the long dirt driveway. Yeah like this wasn’t a horror movie waiting to happen. I had told Alex about my reservations while we were waiting for Kaylah to get there so when he reached over and took my hand in his, I knew he was trying to tell me it would be okay. Taking a deep breath, I tried to push the crazy to the back of my head. We reached the house and Alex turned the car off and moved around to open my door and Kaylah’s. I couldn’t help but smile at the small gesture and stepped into him. Wrapping my arm around his waist, I walked with him toward the house. I heard a loud bark and looked in the direction it came from. Seeing a Saint Bernard running across to us, I crouched down when he stopped at us and saw the tag on his collar. 
“Fuck.” I stood up and turned to Alex. “It’s him. It’s creepy beach, front door stalker dude!” 
“I prefer Norman.”

My Review:

I liked how this story was told by Lauren. I got a little hazy around some of the writing but once cleared up I enjoyed the story. A very quick read.

~Author Bio~
Lauren Firminger grew up in a small country town only a couple hours away from where she currently resides in Sydney, Australia.
During high school, Lauren fell in love with books and reading, and like most, was a Potter-head then turned Twi-Hard, Vampire Academy soon followed by the Mortal Instruments.


However, it wasn’t until she got her hands on Sylvia Day’s Crossfire Series that Lauren fell in love with reading again. Soon after, her new writing journey began, bringing her to her official debut release of Learning to Fly.
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