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Sick Pleasure – Jessica Serra Huizenga

Sick Pleasure

Jessica Serra Huizenga

Release Date: November 15th, 2016


Hazel Blake loves Tristan Sharp.

Tristan Sharp hates Hazel Blake.

There is only one word to describe Hazel Blake and Tristan Sharp: history. Intense, painful, passionate history. (Ok, four words.)

But it’s been over five years now and Hazel’s ready to leave the past behind. Having nobody but an absent father, a crazy mother, and a preoccupied brother means she could really use her old friend again. So what if she still has deeper feelings for Tristan? She knows she majorly screwed things up and doesn’t deserve him anymore, so she’ll settle for anything he might be willing to give — even if it’s just his body.

When Hazel comes storming back into Tristan’s life, opening all sorts of old wounds, he wants nothing more than to get to the forgetting part. But he’s also having trouble with the whole forgiveness thing, too. When the girl you love rips your heart out and tosses it around like a beanbag, it tends to change a guy. But nobody gets under Tristan’s skin like Hazel, so he just needs to get her out of his system, right? Hit it and quit it. For good this time, and nobody ever needs to know.

Yes, everything that went down between Hazel and Tristan is in the past. 

Too bad history is about to repeat itself…

What happens when you love the person you hate?

Can people that hurt each other heal together?

**This books is for readers over the age of 18 due to strong language and explicit sexual content**

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My Review:

I was hoping this book looked into Hazel and Tristan’s relationship and boy did it.

We finally find out why Tristan hates Hazel so much from Mad Addiction. To see a friendship bloom again was fantastic writing from Jessica. Pulling at my heart strings once again.

Tristan pushed my feelings for him from a bad boy playboy to just sexy and sweet. Down to earth.

To say I thoroughly enjoyed the Crazy Beautiful Series (Crazy Beautiful, Mad Addiction and Sick Pleasure) by Jessica would be an understatement. This is a series I that will hold a piece of my heart for a long time.

About Jessica Serra Huizenga:

When she’s not making confetti as head honcho over at The Confetti Bar
co-dreaming with creative women through Monarch Workshop, and
blogging about her health & wellness journey going sugar-free at Simple Unsweet, Jessica loves to spend her nights getting caught up in imaginary worlds.
She lives in central CT with her husband, Clifford, and the cutest cat EVER, named Curious.
She loves colorful things, making people smile, things that smell good, and is obsessed with
lemon water. And glitter. Lots of glitter.
She also loves, well…love. (She’s a sucker for a sweet story.)
You can check out what she’s up to at and on Instagram
Want to know anything else? Feel free to say hi at



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